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Short description

Forming long-term partnership with social entrepreneurs (SEs). At the University of Debrecen they applied project based learning with SEs. Creating connection between students and social entrepreneurs. During the course students visit the voluntary social entrepreneur to help solve their different problems (finance, marketing, management) with continuous help from the professors.

Target group

Existing enterprises - development phase

Existing enterprises - growth phase

Benefit for target group

Improving business knowledge

Improving management knowledge

Improving marketing, finance knowledge

Advisory components

Business models

Financing solutions

Management knowledge

Marketing knowledge

Coaching/Education components

Long-term cooperation



Expected outcome

  • Creating a connection between students and SEs

  • With the continuous involvement of university professors it provides professional consulting regarding marketing, management, finance etc.

  • Improving the marketability/survivability of the SE

  • Mutual learning:

    • Improving business knowledge of SE

    • Students get aware of SE’s challenges and needs

Specific activities and resources required



  • Programme is provided by the University of Debrecen

Human resources

  • Depending of the number of SEs joining the program: 1 student +1 professor/field/SE

Implementation steps

  • The course is open to all students from Debrecen University, regardless of faculties

Key factors for success


  • Number of active meetings with SEs

  • Number of supported SEs

  • Available time frame from both sides

Stage of implementation



(Implemented and first experiences)

Implementation area

Hajdú-Bihar County (Hungary)

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Further information

University of Debrecen, Judit Kantonen Kovács (


Hajdú-Bihar County Government


Judit Karácsonyi