BSS - NEMO: promoting local development in marginal areas by multi-level and multi-disciplinary network

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Short description

NEMO aims to promote and coordinate a multi-level and multi-disciplinary network of stakeholders for mutually beneficial exchanges, aiming at promoting local development in marginal areas. By doing so, it enhances the social capital of inner areas (defined marginal areas in Piemonte region, Italy) and attempts to valorise the already-existing experiences of local development, too. Additionally, this network approach helps to increase the sense of responsibility of all the providers and users of social and cultural services, contributing to strengthen the local identity, with the support of public authorities. By acting as a consultant, NEMO will stimulate territorial rooting and contribute to maximize the social benefits of innovative small-scale economic activities in rural areas.

Target group

Non-enterprise entities


Existing enterprises - development phase

Existing enterprises - growth phase

Benefit for target group

Using infrastructure possibilities

Getting in contact with other enterprises

Getting in contact with financing partners

Other: Creation of a local network of stakeholders

Advisory components

  • Business models

  • Management knowledge

  • Other: Participatory planning

Coaching/Education components

  • One-day workshop


  • Understanding and analysing local distinctiveness to propose a specific participatory local development project. NEMO connects with local stakeholders from different sectors and groups in order to:

    • Mapping and evaluating human and natural resources

    • Evaluating the local organisations and companies, in collaboration with NEMO strategic partners

  • Supporting and facilitating the implementation of all the first phase outcomes

    • Generating economic and social value for the territory,

    • Proposing services and strategic local development projects

Expected outcome

Increasing the number of SEs

Improving the marketability/survivability of SEs

Improving business knowledge of SEs

Specific activities and resources required


  • Money comes from bank foundations, from public institutions (including municipalities and municipalities’ unions) or through European funds


  • Approximately €10,000 are needed for the planning and implementation of this tool in each geographic area of analysis.

  • The budget will be tailored to the population of the selected territory.

Human resources

  • The activities need 3 full time researchers.

Other resources

  • Accommodation and transport to visit the targeted territories will be required, as well as a local workplace

Implementation steps

To analyse the territorial context and trigger the creation of SE, NEMO operates the following steps:

  • Desk analysis

  • Identification of social networks and activator nodes

  • Valorisation of the social environmental resources and their potential combinations

  • Analysis of the results

  • Insights and design

Key factors for success

  • Integration and collaboration with other ongoing initiatives in the target territory

  • Active participation of the sectors (public, private profit and non-profit) of the local community in collaboration with external service providers

  • Connection between local level initiatives and national and international policies

  • Active collaboration of local, regional and national organisations, to overcome the dichotomy between rural and urban areas

Stage of implementation


(Not yet implemented, but first project(s) in realisation.)

Implementation area

Piemonte region (Italy)

Other tools suitable for combination

Advisory tools

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