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Short description

Crowdfunding Academy for Social Entrepreneurs (SEs) is a 3-month learning and advising module, designed specifically for SEs. Its aim is to provide teams with theoretical and practical knowledge on preparing and running a crowdfunding campaign from experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing and communications.

Target group

Non-enterprise entities


Existing enterprises - development phase

Existing enterprises - growth phase

Benefit for target group

Improving business knowledge

Using infrastructure possibilities

Getting in contact with other enterprises

Getting in contact with financing partners

Advisory components

  • Alternative sources of funding

  • Marketing

  • Business models

  • Financing solutions

  • Management knowledge

Coaching/Education components

  • Long-term education (4 modules during 3-months period)


Conducting four one-day workshops during a 3-months period, in which participants gain theoretical and practical knowledge, and many of them subsequently launch their successful campaigns. All content is designed to have a theoretical and practical or interactive part, with a focus on peer learning and professional support. In the meanwhile, they develop their own crowdfunding projects, and by the end of training participants

  • are enabled to independently start their own crowdfunding campaign;

  • establish new partnerships to enhance their crowdfunding idea;

  • set new goals in their project (redefine existing ones) according to the potential of the crowdfunding campaign;

  • are trained to apply newly acquired knowledge to other crowdfunding ideas and use the newly acquired knowledge of the specific promotional content of the campaign in digital promotion and public relations.

Expected outcome

Increasing the number of SEs

Improving the marketability/survivability of SEs

Improving business knowledge of SEs

Help to access the alternative sources of funding

Specific activities and resources required


  • External funding


  • €5,000-10,000

Human resources

  • 0.5 full-time equivalents in 3-months period

  • Crowdfunding instructors – communication, public relations, financial, business development, product design and others experts

Implementation steps

  • Adjusting the programme for the Duga Resa Incubator (existing and potential SEs)

  • Benchmarking social entrepreneurs’ knowledge on the topic

  • Implementing workshops and parallel advising

Key factors for success


  • Clear working plan

  • Motivated SEs

Stage of implementation


(Implemented and first experiences)

Implementation area

Croatia, Serbia

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